Electronic Control Unit

A nautical revolution:
our ECU

Magonis and its R&D department have developed an Electronic Control Unit (more commonly known as ECU) capable of recording data in real time. The battery, motor and charger are all connected to our ECU via a CAN bus/data protocol and transmit a large amount of information. The data is communicated via a satellite to our main network to enable the following:
  • View your boat’s data on the Magonis app.
  • Control of the boat for a more serene and safer navigation .
  • Remote maintenance management to assist you wherever you are.

Check on your boat from anywhere, anytime

Thanks to our Magonis app you can control your boat from anywhere, even the comfort of your own four walls. You can check the charge of your Magonis, or simply consult its current charge level.

Track and monitor your Magonis

Visualize your trip, the distance traveled, and monitor your speed and autonomy. In the Magonis app, you can find all the information of your boat, as well as all the documents added in your space. Convenient, easy and safe.

A dedicated team for your safety

In case of emergency, you are not alone. A dedicated team of experts is here for you and is ready to intervene remotely to manage the maintenance of your Magonis.
Your boat sends data in real time.
This allows our teams to make a remote diagnosis and to intervene if necessary.
A personalized service for your convenience

Need to limit the power of your MagPower 30.0? Or simply limit its charging power? We can manage your request remotely, for as long as you want.

Boat control to make sure you return to land smoothly

Thanks to the 20kw charge power limit safety mode, you can rest assured to enjoy a relaxed ride.

When you reach 20% of battery power, the boat goes into safety mode. That means that the engine power is gradually reduced to ensure you get home safely.

Are you leaving the perimeter that allows you to return to your starting point with peace of mind? We alert you, so you can focus on the stuff that matters: enjoying the ride.

An "Out of Zone" alert for a peace of mind

You are leaving the perimeter that allows you to return safely to your starting point? We alert you so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.