Magonis Electric Boats and Flux Marine Announce Groundbreaking Partnership in North America

Magonis powered by Flux Marine
magonis powered by flux marine - Electric boat

[Rhode Island, January 15th] – Magonis Boats, a European leader in advanced electric boats, and Flux Marine, a pioneering US-based electric outboard motor manufacturer, are thrilled to announce a partnership to redefine the electric boating experience with Magonis. This collaboration unites Magonis’ sleek, innovative boat manufacturing experience with Flux Marine’s state-of-the-art electric outboard  motors.


Enhanced Navigation

Magonis is introducing an exceptional model featuring a powerful 40 kW Flux Marine motor, integrated into Magonis’ elegantly designed smart boat. The motor includes an impressive 55 kW boost to get to planning speeds in a few seconds and then reduce motor power to offer an average of 29 NM range at cruising speeds. This powertrain will be available in North America and is ideal for leisurely cruises, or  your favorite watersport. 


Effortless Charging

Charging is convenient with a 6.6kW charger compatible with standard 125v/250v 50amp AC outlets, allowing for easy charging at home or at the marina.

The Magonis Wave e-550 is equipped with custom user interfaces on a dedicated Garmin screen. The interface provides real-time system data (speed, charge), seamlessly integrated with standard navigation tools, ensuring a safe, informed, and enjoyable pure electric boating experience.


Design and Technology

This partnership represents a synergy between Magonis’ European flair for design and technology, and Flux Marine’s robust presence in the US market, known for their ground- up electric outboard design and exceptional customer service. It symbolizes a shared vision of sustainable, efficient, and high-performance boating.


A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

“We are excited to partner with Flux Marine. This collaboration is not just about creating a new electric boat; it’s about setting a new standard in the electric boating industry, with one of the fastest boats on the market” said Mathieu Quintart, Magonis COO.


Flux Marine COO Daylin Frantin added, “With our advanced electric propulsion technology, the Magonis Wave e-550 will offer an unparalleled boating experience. It is a significant step to getting more electric boats on the water. 


The Future of Boating

The Magonis and Flux Marine partnership marks a  milestone in the evolution of electric boating, promising an eco-friendly, efficient, and smart electric boating future.


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