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The travel time in hours or the range in nautical miles will depend on many factors: weight (number of persons on board), wind, current, etc.

At 3 knots you could cruise up to 6-8 hours (range 24 nautical miles) with any of our engines. With our Mag Power 30.0 you can cruise for up to 50 minutes at 22 knots (about 20 nautical miles). Clearly the more powerful the engine, the more speed, but this does not increase the range. To know more about the range and travel time for a specific boat configuration, ask for a quote here.

The batteries can be charged from any 220 V outlet (we provide a 110 V converter when required), at the marina or at home. We have regular chargers (1 kW / hour), or fast chargers (3 kW / hour). The charging time will then depend on the battery size. A 10-kWh battery will take 10 hours with a regular charger but will only take 3.3 hours with a fast charger. A 24-kWh battery will take approximately 8 hours with a fast charger. 

Your Magonis Wave can be transported by car on any boat trailer: it is light and not wider than 2 meters.

We export Magonis all over the world. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Magonis Wave e-550 fits any truck trailer for road transportation and fits a standard 20-foot container for sea transportation. Our specialised crating company guarantees a 100% secure cargo wherever you want to enjoy your boat. We can deliver to your door, your marina or you can pick it up yourself with any trailer that fits a 17-foot boat.

For more information about costs and delivery time, please request a quote here mentioning the country to which you want your boat delivered. You will need to provide us with the exact configuration of your Magonis as the final value has an influence on the transportation costs.

Yes, we take care of the entire process until you have your key and your boat is ready to cruise. If you want to know more, visit our customer service section.

In Spain, where our company is located, the Value Added Tax of 21% is applicable and always included in our price. For other countries which are members of the European Community, the VAT rate of the country of destination will apply. Outside Europe, import duties and tariffs will apply depending on the country of destination.

For more information about taxes, duties, and tariffs, please request a quote mentioning the country where you want your boat to be delivered. You will need to provide us with the exact configuration of your Magonis as the final value has an influence on the taxes and duties applied.

Yes. Thanks to our partnership with SYS Finance, we are able to offer leasing solutions. Terms can be chosen from 5 to 12 years with a minimum deposit of 20% (maximum 50%). At this time, leasing options are only available to private customers (no companies, except boat rental companies with a track records) and in the following countries:

Spain, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Austria, Monaco, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Danemark, Portugal and Luxemburg.

For a specific leasing offer, ask for a quote indicating your preferred terms.

Yes. Magonis exports internationally and provides support and service to our customer wherever they are. All Magonis boats come with a full 2-year warranty. For more information about customer service and warranty, please visit our customer service section.

Yes. Our boats can be tested close to our shipyard, at any boat show we participate in, or any road show we organise from time to time in different countries. For more information, please request a free test drive.

Usually 10-12 weeks, still less than a sofa. However, Magonis is very dependent on the global supply chain for batteries where delivery time can lead to additional delay. We always recommend securing your boat 4 months prior to the intended date of delivery in Europe. Add 3 to 4 weeks for transportation and customs outside Europe.
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