5 Green Lakes in Europe going Electric

With sustainability on all of our minds, while we aim for a greener future each day, these are five lakes in Europe going electric and pioneering change to preserve local resources enjoyed by the world.

GERMANY: Königssee Lake– Holding the longest record on this list, Germany’s Königssee Lake gained the title of “the cleanest lake in Germany” because, since 1909, only pedal, rowing, or electric boats have been allowed on its waters. 

Annual visitors: 500k+

HUNGARY: Lake Balaton– With a ban on motor boats, the construction of charging systems for electric watercraft is underway, working to become a zero-emission region.

Annual visitors: 13.5M+

FRANCE: Lake Annecy– Starting in September 2022, « Compagnie de Navigation du Lac d’Annecy » is commissioned to convert 5 passenger boats from the 1960s to 100% electric, including two catamarans and three monohulls.

Annual visitors: 3M+

ITALY: Lake Como– The birthplace of Alessandro Volta, inventor of the electric battery, and proudly the first electric lake in Europe, Lake Como is equipped with over 15 charging stations for electric car and boat batteries. 

Annual visitors: 1.3M+

SWITZERLAND: Lake Lugano– « Società di Navigazione del Lago di Lugano » launched Venti35 starting with the « Ceresio, » a 90-year-old ship with a new, electric engine, and aims to make the entire Lugano fleet fully electric By 2035. 

Annual visitors: 100k+

From combustion-free laws to new plans for electric transportation, more regions around Europe are adopting greener policies, practices, and ways of living to promote eco-tourism and appreciation for their city’s unique waters. And as additional protection and conservation initiatives are being implemented, E-boats, like our Magonis Wave e-550, are a continued reminder that the future of lakes can be green, electric, and limitless when boats coexist with nature.