Navigating your Wave e-550 with the New Magonis App!

Recently launching our first version for the iPad Pro, Magonis developed the Magonis App to give owners the best experience, with the most value, on their pure electric Wave e-550. Compatible with the Mag Power family of engines, the Mag 20.0 and Mag 30.0, the Magonis App adds a new dimension to boating, transferring information from the Wave e-550 and putting it in your hands! 

Easy setup and navigation 

Cruising with the Magonis App is like having an assistant specializing in navigation, and getting started is as easy as downloading and entering the app. When you purchase the Wave e-550 with one of our Mag Power engines, our team will automatically connect your boat to the app and provide unique login information, which you’re free to change anytime. 

You can also request a QR code from one of our sales representatives, allowing you to self-connect with the app upon receiving your Magonis. Either way, when you’re ready to hit the water, bring your charged iPad Pro, connect to your Wave e-550, then enter your login credentials- it’s smart navigation made simple!

From the Magonis app

Using the app, you can track your Wave e-550’s location and performance or watch environmental and weather conditions as you navigate your day at sea. 

You can also:

  • Measure autonomy as you cruise to your destination.
  • Examine battery levels.
  • Track your route and miles from departure.
  • View your speed at various power levels.
  • Monitor your boat’s power in different water conditions.
  • Control engine and battery temperatures to optimize performance.
  • Keep control of the pitch and the roll of your vessel.
  • Watch weather patterns to adjust your course as needed.
  • And MORE!

Coming soon

With customized hardware and software communication, the app speaks to the hardware on the Wave e-550 to translate its data, giving you control of the boat’s information. The app’s first version, now available, allows owners to read information about their boat from home or while onboard their vessel. The second version, which we’re developing from our shipyard in Figueres, will allow an owner to manage and control their boat from anywhere- using their iPhone or smart device. 

Stay tuned for the next version of the Magonis App, offering fully remote-control monitoring from anywhere using an iPhone. With its new possibilities in troubleshooting, the app is another part of the unique and personal layer we’re adding to the Magonis user experience.