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5 Green Lakes in Europe going Electric

With sustainability on all of our minds, while we aim for a greener future each day, these are five lakes in Europe going electric and pioneering change to preserve local resources enjoyed by the world. GERMANY: Königssee Lake– Holding the … Read More

Navigating your Wave e-550 with the New Magonis App!

Recently launching our first version for the iPad Pro, Magonis developed the Magonis App to give owners the best experience, with the most value, on their pure electric Wave e-550. Compatible with the Mag Power family of engines, the Mag … Read More

La MAGBuoy, una soluzione globale per l’elettrificazione

Dal nostro cantiere navale di Figueres, al nostro showroom di Barcellona, e in tutto ciò che facciamo, Magonis sta costruendo il futuro della navigazione elettrica. Ora, siamo entusiasti di comunicare che abbiamo sviluppato la prima boa di ricarica al mondo, … Read More

Copenhagen: Magonis’ roadshow (28th of April to 1st of May)

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has long been known for its progressive thinking and environmentally friendly initiatives. With its abundance of parks, waterways, and green spaces, it’s easy to see why it’s often called the “green city.” As a boater, … Read More